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When I started landscaping it felt more like a hobby than it did work. I have always had a passion for all outdoor activities, so naturally, landscaping was a perfect fit. Starting from pulling weeds in my parents garden, cutting the lawn and felling trees, to eventually honing
those skills and striving to learn more.

Once pulling weeds in the garden and cutting the lawn became a weekly pastime, I soon grew to have a deep appreciation for the outdoors; rain or shine I always enjoyed the work. Finally one summer I had an opportunity to work for a landscape maintenance company. The work,
environment and ability to express creativity to others were something I took pride in.

After continuing this job for the next couple summers I soon found myself in a full-time career.
Wanting to expand my knowledge, I began my post-secondary education at Douglas College. There I got my diploma as a residential landscape technician. The schooling was enjoyable and engaging. After receiving my diploma I knew that landscaping was a career I wanted to pursue.
From there, I continued to widen my knowledge and experience; taking courses, training on the job and connecting with customers on a daily basis.

Wanting to diversify, I gained skills in hardscaping such as building Allen block walls, working with timber and laying paving stones. My goal on every property is to bring the true potential of all aspects of the landscape to light. Whether it be refreshing a neglected garden, or designing and installing your dream landscape, I want to make your yard a truly enjoyable space.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and hearing my story as to why I enjoy all things landscaping.

Hope to connect with you soon.

Steven Laitinen

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